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By default, we don't use any cookies on our website. However, when you use the third-party ReachDeck accessibility plugin, the Local Storage of your web browser is utilised which UK GDPR considers equivalent to cookies.

Local Storage

What is Local Storage?

Local Storage (also referred to as 'localStorage' or 'LocalStorage') is a more modern alternative to cookies that stores data on a user's computer. With localStorage, data does not have to be sent back and forth with every HTTP request - this reduces the overall traffic between the user's device and the web server, and in turn the amount of wasted bandwidth. That data will persist in memory even when the browser is closed or the internet connection has failed. Nevertheless, the user can clear the browser data/cache to erase all localStorage data.

Our use of Local Storage

We use Texthelp's accessibility plugin called ReachDeck. By using the ReachDeck accessibility plugin, you agree to your browser's localStorage being used for storing data according to Texthelp's privacy policy.

For more information about ReachDeck's use of data, please refer to ReachDeck's cookie policy.

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